Loan Rates Fee Schedule Savings Rates Disclosures

Effective as of: September 2018
Fee Schedule
Membership Fee$1.00
Check Copy$5.00 / Copy
Special Handling of Checks$3.00 / Item
Teller Check to 3rd Party$5.00 / Item
Temporary Check Sheet$3.00
ATM Withdrawals (after 2 per month)$3.00 / Transaction
Identity Verification$5.00
Outgoing ACH OriginationVaries ($3.00-$10.00)
Stop Payment (Paper or Electronic)$30.00
Popmoney Standard$0.50 / Item Sent
Popmoney Overnight$0.85 / Item Sent
Courtesy Pay$30.00 / Item Cleared
Photocopy/Loan Doc Printing$1.00 Page
Check PrintingVaries Per Selection
Per Cleared Draft$0.50 / Item
Minimum Average Balance Not Met$12.00 / Month
Teller Check after 1 FREE/month$3.00/item
Checkless Checking$5.00 / Month
Paper Statements (Checking Accounts)$3.00 / Statement Cycle
Skip Payment Fee$30.00
Visa Debit Card
Card Replacement Fee$6.00
Expedited Delivery Fee$18.00
Christmas Club Account Fees
Early Withdrawal for Club Accounts$30.00
Other Service Fees
Account Activity Printout$2.00 / Printout
Account Closure$10.00*
* If account is closed within 90 days
Account Reconciliation$20.00 / Hour**
** $10.00 minimum charge
Account Research$20.00 / Hour***
*** $10.00 Minimum Charge
Deposited Item Return$30.00 / Item
Dormant Account/Escheatment Processing$5.00 / Month after 1 year
Inactive Account$2.00 / Year after 1 year
Statement Copy$5.00 / Copy
Wire Transfer (National)$15.00
Teller Check Stop Pay$30.00 / Item
Wire Transfer (International)$45.00
Bad Address$5.00 / Item Returned
Returned Payment$30.00 / Item
Excessive Withdrawal$5.00 / Withdrawal****
**** After three (3) in a calendar month
Account Withdrawal$30.00 / Withdrawal
Bill Payment *****$6.00 / Month
***** (Member Enrolled) Waived when more than 3 bills are paid
Overdraft Transfer from shares$3 / Item Paid
Excessive Withdrawals from shares/Reg D$5/item after 3 per month